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It has long-awaited features in the Windows Xbox app

You no longer have to be familiar with cloud running and remote play.

Microsoft is slowly catching up on its video game ambitions, with the announcement of xCloud and Xbox Remote Gaming being widely available in the stable version of the Xbox app for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Image is for illustration purposes onlySource: Anthony / Pixels

XCloud is a cloud gaming service from Microsoft that allows you to enjoy playing games on Xbox in remote data centers using online streaming. They can be controlled on computers with a gamepad, and of course both wired and wireless models are supported. The service is part of a monthly subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Xbox Remote Game, on the other hand, is for gamers who have an Xbox One or Xbox Series console but want to use their PC as a monitor instead of a TV: they can access their main console via a local network or the Internet, stream games them to their computer. You also need a gamepad to use it.

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