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It is dangerous for the human body if the climate is set below this: the temperature also affects work – health

The first really hot week of the season has arrived, and at this time the appropriate office temperature has become a constant topic of discussion in many places: ladies often bring sweaters to work, while men find refreshment in a completely cold office. However, from the point of view of work efficiency and health, the number of degrees in the office does not matter – especially during a heat alarm.

According to gender, who feels comfortable in what environment can also vary, and some research proves that workplace efficiency can also depend on the temperature indoors. Based on the results of research on this topic, it is worth reviewing the optimal temperature for any type of work, and which one has its own preferences. In the current extreme heat, in addition to research findings, health aspects must also be taken into account when adjusting the climate.

It is important that the office temperature is

In research involving more than 500 people in Germany, they measured how participants performed mathematical, verbal and cognitive tasks under the characteristics of different temperatures on a scale between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius. According to the results, as the temperature rises, women perform mathematical and verbal tasks faster, and vice versa for men. Since the improvement in the efficiency of women is greater than the deterioration in the performance of men, according to the researchers, in offices where men and women work in similar proportions, raising the thermostat can improve the company’s overall indicators.

Research by Cornell University in the US has demonstrated the benefits of an uncooled desk as well, as office workers working with computers finished their hours at 25 degrees and worked with a 10 percent error rate when typing. In a much cooler environment than that, at 20 degrees, the keyboard was used for more than half the working time, and the error rate rose to 25 percent.

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If someone is cold, their body must use more energy to keep them warm, so there is less time to focus, think and create. The researchers also drew attention to the fact that this decrease in performance means an additional 10 percent per hour and per employee cost to employers.

Teamwork is better in freedom

The ideal temperature also depends on the nature of the task. A relatively higher temperature can be more suitable for those doing work that requires creative thinking, while an environment that is 20 degrees cooler can make workers perform more vigilant repetitive or monotonous activities. Of course, a high temperature does not mean a hot sauna: above 27 ° C, for example, sports skills deteriorate.

You have to be careful with the air conditioner in the heat

Although, based on the above, you would think it would be easy to set the ideal office temperature, there are some health considerations to keep in mind.

– It is always recommended to adjust the internal temperature with respect to the outside: the difference in the area you reach should be no more than 8-10 degrees, since the average human body can safely withstand such a large temperature difference without any problems – advises Joseph Sandor Nagy, LG. He is the head of air conditioning business in Hungary.

The article continues after the recommendation

– This means that at temperatures of 35-37 degrees in the office the temperature should not be colder than 25-27 degrees, but on cold days the temperature should not fall below 23 degrees, otherwise we can count on colds and common complaints. “Continuously as the air conditioner blows cold air, even when staying at a normal stream we can easily catch a cold. What is the operator’s job in the office, we have to pay attention to it at home: we have to clean and replace the filters, but it is necessary to clean the inside and outside at regular intervals too Unit inspection and maintenance.

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Is sleeping with a fan harmful?

Although a lot of air conditioning is used, continuous ventilation also has its health drawbacks, according to doctors, most of the risks can actually be eliminated with some care.

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