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It is important to maintain and improve mental health

Mental health is often a taboo topic among young and old alike. In order to break this taboo, Óbecse High School students started #How are you? The project, where professionals give lectures to students, and QR codes placed at various points in the school allow young people to view 26 different sites related to the topic of mental health.

Stefan Đorđević sign, M csapat code:

This program was created primarily to educate young people about the importance of mental health and to break listening or the fear that surrounds it. Young people – especially those who live in smaller communities – often do not dare to talk about these things. During the project, we were also surprised that young people, who are flooded with a huge amount of information on the Internet every day, still know how little they know about certain things.

Maja Obradovic Specialist, Grammar School, Peggy:

Mental health is very important. Often times we only notice problems, we start dealing with them only when they actually have physical consequences. So it is particularly gratifying that the students launched this program themselves.

The goal of the program is to draw the attention of young people to the fact that it is not a shame to encounter problems and, if necessary, seek help from an expert. As part of the project, the students also made murals in the school yard.

Student of Vasya Sobakov, Grammar School, Peggy:

This topic is close to me, and I know how hard it can be to tell someone about problems and ask for help, but it’s really important. For murals, I think it’s important that we find something to express ourselves with, either through art or other things, and I hope these murals set an example for other students and young people as well.

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The program, initiated by students of the Grammar School, aroused the interest of other schools, so a mural will be painted in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce in the near future.