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It is only possible to play handball in Hungary with a new vaccination or negative test result

The competition has been modified by the Hungarian Handball Federation, according to which the new coronavirus protocol must be adhered to from October 11. The amendments apply to all championship and cup competitions announced by the MKSZ and the county associations, as well as to youth leagues approved by the Professional and Competition Commission, including training matches. The goal is to keep competition safe.

“Amendments to the Championship and Cup competitions under 16 years, teenagers, youth and adults announced by the Hungarian Handball Federation and the provincial handball federations, as well as the announced and accepted tournaments for these age groups, including training matches approved by professionals and the Competition Committee:

  • Other participants and contributors (players, officials, umpires, referees, inspectors, record-keepers, watchmakers, tournament scanners) who are entered in tournament minutes and cup matches may only be entered in minutes and attendance if a negative PCR test result is submitted. Within 72 hours immediately into the hall
  • Exemption from the PCR test from providing proof of protection against coronavirus (certificate of protection, application, official document on vaccination)
  • Viewers of all championship and cup competitions, regardless of the age of the participants in the competition, may enter in accordance with the applicable legislation in relation to sporting events, that is, with proof of protection (certificate of protection or order).
  • Media representatives may enter and carry out their work in the event that a demonstration to protect against coronavirus or a negative PCR test result appears within 24 hours, and it is the responsibility of the sports event organizer.
  • With regard to withdrawals from the U16 category, teens and young adults, lack of positions or the number of fragmented wards, the MKSZ may, in justified cases, reduce or waive the penalty specified in the notice indefinitely.”
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The statement added that the federation attaches great importance to organizing matches with safe and healthy rules, and indicated that the rules can be changed later if necessary.

The association also recommends testing for protected athletes once per month, and recommends that sports organizations consult with athletes and their families about possible vaccination of non-immunized athletes.

Vaccination outbreaks have intensified on internet forums, partly because MKSZ wants to force the vaccine on everyone, and partly because players have to pay for the tests themselves or receive federal support.

We contacted MKSZ with our questions, and wanted to know how many players could be affected by not being vaccinated. “According to unofficially available data, the national vaccination rate is also valid in handball, approaching the professional level, and possibly higher and higher,” we received the answer.

The club does not pay the cost of testing for clubs with smaller budgets at the NB II or district level.

“We rightly hope that, thanks in large part to the TAO, the definition of small club budgets is also not typical, as the TAO can also be used for testing. In addition to protecting health, the feasibility of the tournament is simultaneous in this case as well.”

After the European Union has established a PCR test for participants (players and officials) before European Cup matches and national team matches, from which the Certificate of Protection exempts them, the Hungarian regulations are in line with the European regulations.

In consultation with a number of European federations, proof of protection or negative testing will also be included at the mandatory level.

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