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It supports research and development by about 75 billion

The Thematic Excellence Program (TKP) will open again this year, within which the government will support priority research areas for higher education institutions that provide answers to the most important social and economic challenges with about HUF 75 billion from the state. Research, Development and Innovation Fund. tamas chanda. The Deputy Minister of Innovation and Technology emphasized that the aim of the announced call for project proposals is to assist university knowledge centers and research centers with a focus on research, development and innovation, thus encouraging effective professional work and supplying Hungarian researchers.

The Thematic Excellence Program (TKP) has identified three research areas that are either of outstanding economic importance or have strong local capabilities. These subprogrammes are: Health, National Research, National Defense, and National Security. Within each subprogram, there is an opportunity to conduct objective research on coronavirus diseases, a safe community and environment, or even cyber defense.

The TKP supports the implementation of research in the amount of HUF 25 billion per subprogram 2021. In the case of the TKP National Defense and National Security subprogramme, the framework also includes a budget of HUF 1 billion for the collaborative doctoral program, as a result of which the number of highly qualified personnel with scientific knowledge can be increased in This area is for defense research and development and innovation.

Tamas Chanda emphasized that “An important expectation is the strengthening of cooperation between higher education institutions and RDI actors, thus the government supports initiatives that contribute to the social and economic use of knowledge generated in university knowledge centers and research sites.”

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More information on the details of TKP 2021 is available on the website of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.