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It tripled in two weeks and the number of people under 15 set a record

In many EU countries, the highest rates of coronavirus infection are among young people and children. At home, 38 percent of children aged 12 to 15 have been vaccinated, and vaccinations for young adults can only begin in late December.

Variable delta prevalence and the relatively looser restrictions introduced in Hungary compared to the spring made the fourth wave more contagious than the third, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Although the deaths from vaccinations are much lower than the spring peak, it is remarkable that while most of those infected were reported in the spring in the week of March 22, more than sixty thousand, two weeks ago, nearly 65,000 tests were positive. About changes in indicators related to the coronavirus epidemic We wrote hereand, in our current article (also using ECDC data), we examine how the number of infections has changed within each age group.

In the spring, those aged 25 to 64 were more infected in proportion to their age group. They were followed (and for a long time the curve showed a similar trend) by those aged 15-24 and 65-79, respectively. However, in the fourth wave, twice as many people aged 15-24 (1,348 per 100,000) than those aged 65-79 (with 659 confirmed infections detected) were infected. Although the number of patients aged 80 and over is lower than that of patients in the spring (peak was 775 per 100,000 at that time, 665 according to the latest data).

The youngest, under 15, showed the lowest percentage of positive tests in the spring (barely 0.3 percent), but there has been a striking increase in this age group in recent weeks (the red line in the figure indicates the level of infection in this age group) . While in the first week of November we can see similar spring numbers among those under 14, that number has jumped to 919 in just two weeks – which means that

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Coronavirus infection is detected in approximately 1 percent of this age group.

In the fourth wave, the most affected age group remains the 25-49 age group, followed by the 15-24 age group (with a doubling of the proportion of patients in 2 weeks) and the 50-64 age group (with a doubling).

In the graph we created, you can see how many people have tested positive for coronavirus per 100,000 people in each age group, taking into account the data from the last 14 days. The summer period, when no infected person was found, was omitted from our number. The dates are the start days of each week.

The second graph shows the most recent age group data for the week of November 15 for the 10 countries we picked – with similar coloration to the figure above. On the horizontal axis, you can see the countries, and on the vertical axis, the number of people in each age group diagnosed with coronavirus infection in the last 14 days. The site of the episodes serves not only to compare age groups but also between countries: for the first time, for example, it seems that there are few patients in Italy and Romania in proportion to the population (compared to other countries). Relatively speaking, those under the age of 15 are most affected in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The age group over 80 who is most exposed to the virus is the least affected age group in nearly all of the 10 countries we examined, certainly due to the higher degree of vaccination.

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More serious, sometimes fatal complications, and hospitalizations will likely be avoided with vaccines, which is why vaccinating children under 12 is on the agenda. The National Center for Public Health (NNK) a few days ago She saidThere is enough vaccine to vaccinate children (sure sure We went back European Union Vaccine Supply Program) – the day the European Medicines Agency announced Approves Pfizer vaccine is for people 5 to 11 years old. The first shipment of vaccines to vaccinate children is expected to arrive on December 21.

The vaccination of children aged 16-17 began in mid-May and had a vaccination rate of 57 percent a Based on. Immunization of children aged 12 to 15 years was started after one month, and

Only 38 percent of them received the vaccine.

Recently, by the way, doctors are also talking about it mentionedThat more and more children are being diagnosed with Covid infection and their symptoms are becoming more and more apparent, and at the end of November, the Democratic Teachers Federation interest Express school situation.