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It turns out he’ll be the fourth member of the jury on Dancing with the Stars! – Photo

The veil has finally fallen off Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the Dancing With the Stars jury! – Read on TV2’s Instagram page. Pictured are the already known jurors, Nora Erdoğ, Andrea Molnar, Gergeli Çesanad Kovacs next to nothing more than Zoltan Bereczki We can see!

With this, the jury for the dance show programme, which begins September 25, has become final, with Ramona Lekai Kiss and Andras Stoll hosted.

Zoltan Bereczki He will evaluate for the first time competitors who are not trying to prove their talent in their field – Blake writes.

“It certainly wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, since we have to evaluate a lot of aspects in a simple type by any means. The contestants are all people who live in front of the audience, so I think they need to understand storytelling in some form, to be able to address their audience. The question is who will be able to tap into the feelings and understand themselves in the dance, through production. And this is not easy, because everyone has their own talents and therefore has limitations, but that is why I I will also watch and appreciate the intentions, diligence and humble work.” Zuli told me.

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