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It turns out how Omega continues

Andras Trancos, director of Omega, explained a misunderstanding: They do not continue the legendary band with the formation called Omega Testamentum.

a few days ago we wroteThat after the deaths of Laszlo Pincko, Tamas Mihaly and then Janos Kobor “with new members, also known as Omega,” Andras Trancos has since clarified his earlier statement: TellThat “Omega does not exist and will not exist anymore.”

“We never said in a word that Omega would last. The entire reign of Omega is a legacy. Seki and Gyuri Molnar, who are full members of the band, are responsible for the legacy of Omega,” added the director. The Omega Festival in August in Őriszentpéter will be an event where they will say goodbye to the band forever.

Janus Kubor on stageSource: MTI / Balázs Mohai

“I’ve been the band’s drummer for fifty years. During that half-century, a lot of songs have been attached to my name as a composer. Am I removing my skin from myself? Because after Lacey and Janos passed away, we’re no longer the same.”

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