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It turns out if MLSZ approves Team Paul’s video material

The White Violet club’s official website reports that Branko Boljevic’s three-match ban from Ogbest remains in place. The capital’s team defender was even shown at the tournament against Zalagerzeg, where the referee thought he had committed deliberate rudeness and hit his opponent during the race. They disagreed with the club, A video of similar cases has also been compiled, Which, however, were punished quite differently by the referees in the same season.

Pauljevics can’t expect lilac whites for the next two rounds (Photo: Attila Török)


Újpest channel reported on its official website that although the official decision has not been received by MLSZ, based on what was said at the Appeal Committee hearing held on Tuesday, MLSZ will not reduce Branko Poljevic’s three-match ban.

The he is writing, However, Boljevic’s move was classified as a blow because ‘He wasn’t holding his hand in a normal position«. As a result, they were classified as coarse or their rating was not changed, so the minimum penalty that can be imposed, a three-match suspension, remains in effect.”

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