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It turns out that Tünde Polgár and her husband make money: they can live in luxury for the rest of their lives – a Hungarian star

Tond Bolgar His name became known when he introduced himself as a new actor in 2018 on the second season of VIASAT3’s Wives in Luxury. After the fact, she appeared on TV2 in Masterchef VIP and with her husband, with arpad bulgar, also with the owner of Polgár Gallery and Auction House in Love Bistro.

Over 60,000 people follow his Instagram page and have also launched a YouTube channel that tackles serious topics like the changing era, as well as giving them an insight into their luxurious life.

The property of Árpád Pünár and Tünde

Before Tünde Polgár pledged to appear on Wives in Luxury, they had cycled between Florida and Hungary for ten years, but had lived permanently in America for three or four years before the invitation. Tünde was already bored, while Árpád found the activities he committed abroad and even made money. A Life TV2 Flying saucer On his show, he also revealed that he is currently increasing their fortune.

– With real estate. He is also in Hungary. I used to work a lot, did a lot of good work until I was 55, I invested in it, and that’s enough for us for the rest of our lives, and it goes on. And in the meantime, it is enough that while we live, we do what we want,” said Arpad Polgar, and his wife added that the money would be enough not only for them, but also for their grandchildren.

Host Peter Hadjie stated that if they don’t work for a minute, they can still live on a five-star standard of living for the rest of their lives.

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– So that we have an investment: it comes from real estate, we do not only consume it, it is productive real estate.

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According to Tünde Polgár, her husband is always looking for more and more real estate in order to get a new project all the time. Árpád Polgár also makes use of antiques.

Bulgar Tond

– There’s no old show I wouldn’t go to. I learned the profession in forty years. If I spot a Zsolnay at an American antique fair, I buy it for $500 and sell it for $5,000 at home. Or if you saw something on the Internet. I am not stupid!

Tond Bolgar wedding photo

Despite the fact that Tünde Polgár and Árpád have told us about their relationship multiple times, we know very little about the big day sealing their love affair, and we haven’t seen pictures of him multiple times. However, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, the luxurious wife showed on Instagram how beautiful the bride was.