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It turns out what happened to those who were hijacked by UFOs

“There were little people, blue, with big heads, with bulging eyes who were standing around me. I couldn’t move, and I could only see the dazzling white light while they were being carried in the spaceship,” – similar stories told by people allegedly kidnapped by aliens. Science has long studied this phenomenon, but new research may have revealed what the participants actually went through.

a conscious dreamA new study shows that an intermediate state of consciousness created by a combination of waking and dreaming may explain abductions committed by extraterrestrials. International Journal of Dream Research Published in the magazine. In the context of conscious dreaming, we are partially aware that we are dreaming, and we can even manipulate our dreams with some practice.

Earlier, 2016 large sample study Approximately 55 percent of people are able to consciously dream, and 23 percent experience conscious sleep at least once a month.

The question may arise, why are experts so certain that alien hijackers are a product of our imaginations?

Fear and paralysis

Stories of UFO hijackings date back to the 19th century. The common feature between them is that victims report a strange dream-like condition that often provokes fear and paralysis (paralysis). Certain types of dreams can evoke such feelings, which is why a Russian research group previously suggested: What if those involved in the dream were just a dream and the fourth type of encounter was just a product of imagination?

The experts hired volunteers who were able to consciously dream about dreaming of aliens and UFOs (ie, UFOs).

The results showed that the experiences of conscious dreamers and alleged kidnapped individuals are frighteningly similar.

The experiences of lucid dreams and people allegedly kidnapped are eerily similar (illustration)Source: Science Photo Library

new investigation

Staff at the Phase Research Center (PRC) in Moscow have now re-examined the problem and hired 152 conscious dream volunteers to depict strangers and flying objects in their dreams.

At the end of the experiment, 114 out of 152 dreamers were consciously “in contact” with aliens. Sixty-one percent of respondents said strangers resembled familiar creatures in science fiction films, while 19 percent described them as more normal people.

small and blue

So presented one of the volunteers who managed to consciously dream about strangers whom she saw.

They had small stature, blue skin, and huge heads and eyes. When they were taken to their spaceship, they received a dazzling white light, as if they were lit by headlights directly in my eyes. My vision had completely vanished, I was dizzy and dizzy” – Study quotes women.

Familiar strangers from great movies often appeared in dreams (illustration)Source: Science Photo Library

Another thread talked about an even scarier experience:

I was lying on the bed when someone pulled me into a white room and then started to see my chest with different instruments.”26% of the volunteers had a conversation with strangers, and 12% had physical contact with them. 28 percent of participants encountered flying objects, and only 10 percent were caught in flying saucers.

10 percent of volunteers were caught using flying saucers (illustration)Source: Science Photo Library

Twenty-four percent of conscious dreamers who described the experiences as realistic experienced sleep paralysis and extreme fear during the experience.

These negative feelings are echoed in the vast majority of UFO hijackings, and while those involved are fully convinced that what they experienced is reality itself, they are more likely to have fallen into a lucid dream. Summarized by the study authors.

Feelings of paralysis, fear, and vulnerability are common in vivid dreams, and these experiences can sometimes be so powerful that they blur the line between fantasy and reality. Therefore, the perpetrators of the phantom kidnappings don’t realize that they are only dreaming, they really believe that UFOs will take them away.” . said Live Science Journal of Michael Raduga, Senior Researcher in the People’s Republic of China.

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