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It turns out what will be the fate of the house of Ildiko Picci in Mariapesino

For a long time, the building seemed to be demolished.

For a long time, it was known that the beautiful huge plot of land and the house of the late Iliko Pechi and Laios Szczcz were demolished: 6000 square meters of space was purchased by an investor who has built several housing units in Godolo in recent years. At that time, it was known that in the near future up to 10-14 semi-detached houses could be built in the area. In the end, this was not the fate of the artist’s house, since it was not demolished but was bought by someone who had already moved into it.

Source: MTI / MTVA Photo Archive / Mtva Photo Archive / Zih Zih

“The hereditary son sold the house with a beautiful plot of 6000 square meters. The family bought the property, which, contrary to previous rumors, has not been overlooked, but has already moved in and is constantly renovating and renovating it. Beautify it. I have been in the house for a long time. I do not avoid It’s consciously for sentimental reasons, because I don’t stick to things anyway, I feed on my own memories, my experiences.It has survived and still thrives beautifully in the inner courtyard of the House of Arts,I also knew plants that were important to Ildeco and I saved and moved them to my garden before selling as they live well, but more importantly, that Eldeco’s memory lives on in “Csaba L. Péterfi,” said the actress’s adopted son to Kiskeguid.

teaches to. Peterfi that the vast space did not fall into one hand, nor it is impossible to build new houses, according to previous news. “The contractor who bought the entire plot of land decided to divide the garden area into 6 or 7 parts and sell it in this way. It is possible that small apartments will be built in this area,” he said.

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