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It turns out whether right-wing extremists have become dominant in the German province

Today’s elections in Saxony-Anhalt are the last local elections before the Bundestag elections in September. For the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which governs at the national and local levels, the defeat of Saxony-Anhalt (which has occurred only once since reunification) would have drastically dampened hopes for the autumn national parliamentary elections, which for the first time in 16 years, Angela is under Merkel, the Christian Democrats cut him off.

Opinion polls published in recent weeks have shown that the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which has ruled the region uninterrupted since 2002, and the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) lead the polls. He revealed that:

The CDU has fared much better than the 25-30 percent indicated in opinion polls, with the ARD party taking 36 percent of the vote, according to the first commissioned scoreboard of National Public Service Television.

Another national public television, ZDF, is expected to expect a 35 percent result. Thus, the CDU not only refuted the opinion polls, but also strengthened significantly from 29.8 percent in the previous 2016 elections.

Based on opinion polls, it seemed possible that it was not the CDU but the Alternative Germany (AfD) that would get the most votes. However, the opposition party to the right of the centre-right CDU is likely to have barely reached 24.3 percent in 2016, with the ARD party estimating 23.5 percent and the ZDF 22.5 percent.

Cover photo: MTI Photo/Bernd Von Jutrczenka, Christian Democratic Union (CDU) supporters celebrate in Magdeburg, Germany on June 6, 2021, after the first results after the polls closed showed that the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) got the most votes in the Landtag-County Act elections).

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