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It turns out why he hasn’t moved into his wife’s LL Junior villa yet

Although he meets his wife again, the singer still sells his luxury villa.

It seems that the rapper and his wife might part ways to reconcile. It’s been over a month since Kinga Körtvélyessy packed her bags and moved out of LL Junior’s home with her young daughter. Although there are indications that the couple is about to save their relationship, perhaps the lavish villa will never become their shared home again. The beautiful three-storey house with eternal panoramic views, a swimming pool and a double garage is still up for sale for 280 million fortnite.


“Junior had a mansion spinning on a duck, but they weren’t happy there. It also shows that it’s not money, and convenience that matters, but the fact that two people form a spiritual unit. A close acquaintance.

Reconciliation is progressing well, but it will not be short. Kinga and Junior have already shared a joint photo of the three of them. In contrast, Kinga continued to stay in her apartment, where she and her young daughter moved after the separation. And it seems that the sale of the house has not stopped either. “Maybe Kinga will go back in time, but that’s not what it looks like now. And if Junior sells the house in the meantime, they can carry on in a new place with a new card. This house didn’t bring them any luck anyway,” he was quoted as saying. repost.

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