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It was a family day full of health

A family day was organized at Hatvan Chestnut Garden Kindergarten. Parents were also invited to spend a day with the children and staff of the institution. Family Day is called “Move on Chestnut” and is made for families with fun programmes. According to the head of the foundation, Valita Anita Bereczkiné, health is also very important for parents, which is why programs are built around it. The plan is to create a tradition of Family Day.

Families can also prove themselves in a running race, and children and their parents can also take part in the race at the Ujjatvan. They also organized a course on hurdles, put the children in a wheelbarrow, and had to complete tasks with their parents. After reaching the finish line, they even had to answer some test questions.

To compensate for the calories burned, they cooked the food in a separate cauldron for each group. – I cooked for the Teddy Bear and Moon group. The menu was with paprika fries made based on lecho. Annamaria Sarang said the goal was for all ages to live well.

The family day was fun, the kids even got to see a police car, try the siren and try on the helmet. Robert Szilagy said he’s tried several things. “I slipped and got into the police car and even took part in a running race,” he said. Anna Forgo also took part in Family Day with her parents, participated in most programs, and also showed her skills in the training of the Hattan Club. “On the football show, our parents could see that we could play football, I really liked it,” he said. As adults enjoyed the day so much, Anna’s mother said she thinks Family Day is a very good initiative. – It should be settled every year. It was good that we were together, and we could spend a day together in kindergarten. Tímea Forgóné Balog explained that everyone was having a great time.

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There was no shortage of programs, there was a dog show, the Alma troupe gave a performance, and the children could create more beautiful works during the family day craft session at the Chestnut Garden Kindergarten.

Photo: Albert Peter