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It was a great evening and I’m going to be a star in the star! But Gabe Toth was disappointed

There were many great products again, with four out of ten people getting maximum marks from the jury.

Started by co-producing Top 10 Bands, I’ll Be a Star on Star! His third live show, Attila Tell, presented the jury afterward, but could not bear not to comment on their assemblage, he said they were like those of the stars, from different galaxies. Majka’s yellow-and-black jacket, which is particularly conspicuous, was the most restrained, and Gabe Toth sat in Kalutaszig’s uniform with a party on his head to judge. Here you can see the diversified company.


Four contenders also received the maximum score from the jury, Zóra Veczli and Zsolt Szaszák only got 24 points, and were at the bottom of the jury’s list. Meanwhile, the audience vote has arrived, too, adding that it turns out that Idina Urban has slipped as an Army chauffeur, so she had a special cause for excitement during the last ad block. Let’s take a look at some products!

Gabor Marco: Bambolo

Pal Bill Carmen: Ecstasy

Hadas Alfred: California Love

Urban Edina: Stupid Love

David Karas: Race (No Long)

Gabor Marco performed Bamboleo, and the spectators liked her so much that he immediately moved, and could relax even before the second round of voting. This is how Gabby Toth got excited about a special hoodie during a show:


Majka had a great time, she said, grateful to be able to sit there. Babette Cooley worries about everyone and thinks that no matter who his rival is, he singles out David Karasz. Gabe Toth vowed not to let a rival close to him, but he loved his people so much, everyone is talented, he said. Pope Josie also highlighted talent and noted that if he’s strict, it’s because he knows there’s more in that person.

He took my cigar for the evening. “Where is my man, brother?” That Gabor Marco is already in the next round.

Idina Urban ran away in the end, almost couldn’t believe it either, Zolt Zaszak and David Karasz stayed there at the end next to Tila. They can still be voted on for 90 seconds, the first by Gaby Toth and the last by Babbitt Cooley. Finally, Karas succeeded in it.

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