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It was betrayed by Miklos Varga that he knew the love of his life in such circumstances

At first, the singer had no idea about meeting Erica, whom he later fell in love with.

At first, the singer had no idea about meeting Erica, whom he later fell in love with.

Miklos Varga met his subsequent wife, Erica Figes, who is a member of the Twin Figes, also known from the TV tournament, who later became the host of several TV shows and danced with various bands. Ripost7 writes.

He caught the attention of Miklós Varga’s then-most successful band manager and suggested that Miklós join them in the next round as a background dancer. Singer Khan Ripost7, madly angry at the idea!

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I was 29 years old, and we were preparing for a national tour with the Miklós Varga Band, and the director decided the production should be with the young dancers. I was opposed, it was a very serious quarrel. I asked myself to make two teenage girls flush their butts next to me on stage! In the end, of course, the director won, but I fired the crutch in the squad: We don’t shoot house bunnies! I broke this, I have an excuse to only do that after the tourThe singer told Ripost7, who is also starting out on how they got ready later with Erika.

His twin brother accompanied the drummer, and he is my best friend to this day. They were engaged. Who knows why, but Erica loved me. He asked his twin brother to organize joint quadruple dates. I found myself in love very slowly! We started walking in 1986, and we got married in 1994

He said the presenter of the program hit ancient Europe.

You can read the full interview in the Ripost issue 7, which will be published on Tuesday, June 1st!

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