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It was suspended for two years due to floor plans handed over to the GRU

On Thursday, the Berlin Supreme Court handed down a two-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 15,000 euros to a 56-year-old man who sent blueprints for real estate used by the Bundestag in Berlin to Russian military intelligence. Judge Andreas Muller said as justification for the ruling: the man created a CD in 2017 containing 385 files containing floor plans of properties used by the Bundestag in Berlin, which he sent in September 2017 to an employee of the Russian Embassy in Berlin without marking the sender. The employee was allegedly one of the secret agents of Military Intelligence. According to the court, the accused acted voluntarily, without commission or remuneration, although his motives could not be established. The German news agency (dpa) indicated that the Potsdam man previously served in the National People’s Army of East Germany. The defendant worked for a company commissioned by the Bundestag to inspect portable electrical equipment. According to the investigation, the company received the files containing the floor plans in order to verify their implementation, which included, among other things, ensuring the operational safety of the printers. According to the court, the man knew the floor plans were not publicly accessible, but stated as a kind of mitigating circumstance that this was not confidential data. (MTI)

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