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It wasn’t the sweat we wiped off our faces after the concert, it was the tears

Mandoki Soulmates will be presenting an exclusive live recording of their big outdoor concert in Budapest this past August on Saturday 15th January from 9pm. The concert was recorded with 16 cameras and an upscale musical movie was made from the recordings. “It is a great pleasure and honor for us that the European and American press and audience have celebrated our new album, Utopia for Realists – Hungarian Pictures, very excitingly. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we were unable to tour in America or Europe, but the concert in Budapest last August In front of the church was moving. We are presenting this gig movie, and we thank our audiences around the world – from Los Angeles to Shanghai – for their support,” Leslie Manduki told Origo.

In an interview with Origó, Leslie Manduki emphasized that it was her great honor to come to her hometown with her American and English musicians, soulmates, and to present an all-new rock album written by Béla Bartok and Hungarian folk music.

“The pandemic is a huge challenge for us musicians too, but it’s not about us now, it’s about our audience. This party was a love letter written in ink to our fans.“We felt we owed it to our audience. Let the light be at the end of the epidemic’s dark tunnel. Let the challenges be answered.” We wanted to give strength to our audience with our album and concert in Budapest. We want to thank our fans around the world for their decades of love.”

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When asked about his experience performing in Budapest, Leslie Manduki said: It was particularly good to try the Budapest rock group Old Bem Club, which was written in the wake of Béla Bartók and Hungarian folk songs.

“I grew up here. I grew up here on the music of Syrius, Cancer Catcher and Mini. My fellow American and English musicians also at rehearsals felt we were having something very special here. Of course, all the pros besides the members of Soulmates thought it crazy that our world’s songs weren’t shown in The square in front of the church, but presenting a whole new album. But we felt we owed it to our audience. The musician should think about tomorrow, not yesterday. We believed in our audience, we believed in the Hungarian spirit. It wasn’t the sweat we wiped off our faces after the concert, it was the tears. We were all impressed with the love we received from the Hungarian public.“People applauded several times during the concert. We’ve talked to the band a lot since then about how impactful the concert was in Budapest. It was our only concert last year because it was impossible to perform elsewhere because of the pandemic,” he said. Leslie Manduki.

Mandoki Soulmates Concert; Budapest, Hungary; 21.08.2021; Leslie MandukiSource: Attila Clip

The Saturday evening live stream from 9pm will be a global and international event. Leslie Manduki put it this way: Let music speak of humanity, care, families, friends, nations, and Europe – for a positive future.
“Let’s get out of the echo chamber created by social media and hold each other’s hands. If someone doesn’t agree with us on certain things, that’s not our enemy, it’s just the person who sees the world differently. There is a great unifying force in music. We also said on stage. Budapest that Béla Bartok and Hungarian folk music have provided an artistic answer to the challenges of the world,” Leslie Manduki assured Orego.
In addition to showcasing the two-and-a-half hour party, Leslie Mandocki will talk live with the band members about the challenges of the past two years, as well as learn about what’s new, like the new Jethro. Tull album.“We look back at the pandemic period and also talk about what awaits us in the new year, and who has the plans. We – Mandoki soulmates – tour in the fall, starting in Berlin. We also reveal the secrets of the workshop and viewers can see our secrets behind the scenes. It was a recording The concert is the best so far. “I see a utopia for realists: Hungarian pictures as our best album, and the Budapest concert was our best,” said Leslie Manduki.