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It’s a big change, Bory Petrovy returns here

The uncertainty wrought by the pandemic was extremely difficult Petervi Puri. The performer does not hide the fact that he feels really good on stage, in a creative process.

Without this, the past year was a serious ordeal for him

“I have been on stage for 30 years. The fact that a year is now wasted will not be disrupted. I have hardly found this period more psychological.”It hasn’t happened that I haven’t worked in over one to two months yet. Previously, vacation was also a torment for me, and I could not relax in the summer.. I’m a little workaholic, but that also includes being really happy when I can take the stage, when I can get creative, when I’m in a creative flow. Of course, it was initially done via an epidemic, it was an interesting “experiment” to which we had to respond. Bori Péterfy said at 95.8 Sláger FM, who will soon be able to climb onto the stage again, “So we co-created with the band and filmed a clip during that period as well.

It is true not yet with the band, but as an actress

Béter Péterfy returns to the opera Source: Hit FM

We have begun the rehearsals, and there will be a performance of Molière’s “Citizen Can I Be a Citizen” in the Eiffel Hall in the Opera House. There will also be a lecture in the hallway, with Robert Alfoldi, an interesting version of Mephistopheles. I am really looking forward to the concerts as well as the concerts. Although we still don’t know anything for sure about their fate, invitations are already gathering for June and August. We’re really looking forward to, waiting, and hopefully on stageHet, Pori Petter, was told by the host of the Hungarian show, Janka Farago.

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