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It’s a huge warship, but the SUV is the best new Citroen model

The unusual looking C5 X cannot be categorized into any category because it is a transition between station wagons and RVs.

The Chinese-made novelty will be available for purchase in Europe at the end of 2021. Click on the image, the gallery opens!Source: Citroën

French brands traditionally don’t produce many laurels in the upper categories (Genius Citroen C6Customers were not in a hurry either), but even today, even with a midrange pair of sedans, it’s hard to kick the ball in the mid-range against luxury German manufacturers, as evidenced by the Ford Mondeo example It was recently discontinued. Watching the rapid changes in market trends, Citron is replacing the C5 limousine / station wagon, which was discontinued in 2017, with two models: on the one hand, there is a four-year-old. C5 Aircross SUVAnd now another member of the model family has been introduced, the lower and longer C5 X.

SUV ticket for high ground clearance and plastic fender protectionSource: Citroën

The latter is intended for those who do not want to drive a full-bodied, long-looking SUV, but still want to enjoy the benefits of a spacious cabin, ground clearance and good versatility. C5 X according to the factory Born from a crossover between a station wagon and an SUV, But when viewed from the front, it carries the elegance of a limousine. In our opinion, it is the most comparable to an SUV (Subaru Outback, Volvo V60 / V90 Cross Country), with the difference that there is no version of it with a low-rise body without unpolished plastic shields

The back is longer than the front, which fits the proportions. The total length is more than 4.8 metersSource: Citroën

The chassis is 4,805 mm long, 1,865 mm wide and 1,485 mm high, roughly the same size as the Volkswagen Passat Variant, even its wheelbase is almost the same: 2,785 mm, which made it possible to create a large rear legroom. The C5 X trunk is also generous (545 liters), Which also can be ordered with automatic hole, the loading edge is low and the surface is completely flat.

The huge seats are very comfortable to look atSource: Citroën

Of course, soft, making every mistake an imperceptible path Advanced comfort structure (Coil-spring suspension with hydraulic progressive stop) is also standard on Citroën, according to the manufacturer, it can achieve almost as good comfort as the old hydropneumatic system, but much simpler and cheaper. The plug-in hybrid top model gets a more advanced and adaptive (active) version of the tough chassis, which allows you to set three types of stiffness.

The new active chassis of the French brand makes its debut in this vehicleSource: Citroën

Inside, there is a 12-inch touchscreen display above the center console, which can also receive OTA updates via the integrated SIM card. There are plenty of USB ports for the passengers, but there is also onboard wifi, a wireless phone charger, and a color screen on the windshield. For hiking, the C5 X can be a nice companion, especially if you also order the panoramic glass roof and the side windows covered with soundproofing foil.

There will be no electric version yet, just a conventional internal combustion engine and a hybrid outletSource: Citroën

You don’t have to worry about the range either, because the C5 X isn’t available in a pure electric version, just like standard petrol and diesel, or as a hybrid fuel with 225hp. Each version drives the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission, The hybrid green license plate can cover 50 km in electric mode on a single charge.

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