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It’s almost as if it drives people directly to the luxury of going to the luxury

He says he owes this lifestyle to his rich friend.

The fact that the flu — or just a field user of social media — loves to post about fancy vacations and poolside cocktail parties isn’t anything new to anyone. Some people look at it with longing, others look at it with envy, and there are those who are specifically upset by such content.

But there is a bar that seems to be playing sports to annoy as many people as possible with its luxurious lifestyle.

live in Washington autumn 68000 people follow his work online TikTokon. The girl likes to emphasize in publications that she does not work and that she owes the luxury that surrounds every moment in her life to her friend, who, in turn, is a dirty rich.

Autumn also intended a special post on the subject: In a post that begins with “Three Reasons Why You Should Date a Rich Guy,” he lists why he thinks:

  • Because you can do fun nonsense,
  • Because you never have to look at your bank account (Autumn says: You don’t even know how much money you have, because you never use your own account),
  • And because they may offer it to other wealthy people.

Each girl’s video is about what she can afford: a champagne show, special air travel, appearances at star-attended fashion events, or dinner at a five-star restaurant.

Tweet embed I could tell I got drunk gradually throughout the day 😂 # Love her #Day in the life #delivelog #minivlog # batteries # retweet ♬ Can’t take my eyes off you – Joytastic Sarah

Like the Daily Mail He writesInfluenza (although it may not be the right word in this case) has only reported visits to the following cities this year: Los Angeles, Paris, Gstaad (Switzerland), Rio de Janeiro, Maldonado (Uruguay). Recently, he annoyed a large portion of his followers by showing him and his girlfriend going to Coachella Festival. By helicopter. He wrote the following text for the post:

When your boyfriend is also rich, and your best friend, they went to Coachella by helicopter with a performance ticket.

Tweet embed Do you really think you’re going to catch me in that crowd? # Love her ♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

The commentators in the video were furious that Autumn may have never heard of a carbon footprint in its lifetime and that if we were unnecessarily damaging our environment, we wouldn’t have many years left on our planet. Others have compared what they saw with their own situation, like this commenter:

Great. I have worked seventy hours this week and cannot buy any food for my children because they have raised our rent again.

As the Daily Mail notes, the peculiarity of the autumn posts is that he never shows up his rich friend, who is regularly mentioned: he does not know who he is and where he has a lot of money.

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