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It’s amazing what the famous singer did, who gained weight beyond recognition

It’s amazing what the famous singer did, who gained weight beyond recognition

As we previously reported, Lana Del Rey is back on stage after a long hiatus, much to the delight of her fans. However, the singer, who is famous for her sad songs, has completely changed since she disappeared from the limelight, as she gained nearly twenty kilograms of excess weight over the past few years. Now he did another shocking thing that really shocked his fans.

38-year-old Lana Del Rey returned to the stage this year, surprising her audience at a Brazilian festival after a four-year hiatus, as she posed in front of the audience dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Although the singer, who has gained weight beyond recognition, does not show herself on social media, she still cannot hide from prying eyes, as she was recently photographed on a Brazilian beach in a swimsuit.

Lana Del Rey looks visibly comfortable in her own skin despite her extra weight and is no longer in hiding. Now he did something that shocked his followers, because he had appeared in a place no one expected him to.

The 38-year-old singer shocked those fans who entered a well-known pastry shop and saw that she was serving guests. Several people got to know Del Rey, who is not yet known for what purpose he took up the business of civilian hospitality, but according to witnesses he really enjoyed it and was very helpful, and you could even take pictures with him if you asked.

Many people were very happy to find that Lana Del Rey appears unexpectedly at the Waffle Shop, where she serves people, in a humane, kind and direct manner. Fans are completely amazed at the singer’s unexpected action, although, according to many, there may have been shootings for a music video behind it. New York Post.

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