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It’s even breathtaking, so look at Tünde Kiszel’s house – pics! – Metropol

It wasn’t just any honor Emilio The family with whom the calendar fee is excluded. He hosted the family in his home, who was amazed to see the countless photos and memories.

Emilio’s family was amazed to see the photos (Source: My Dear Family)

We can see amazing pictures, not only of the fairy. We can look back on his memories of his young age, but in the photos we can see his mother, grandparents and even great-grandfathers. There is a whole life in your apartment, beautiful memories, moments. Not to mention her home is gorgeous, it’s a great honor to let us in here, as she welcomed us with the most love,” said Tina, whose husband had seen the countless photos, and also asked how Kiszel Tünde had become a prize winner’s almanac.

This is actually the 20th anniversary calendar, which I publish every year. The first of these is the most beautiful, since we were still engaged in it with Donatella. A friend of mine gave me the idea to make a calendarTond Kessel admitted.

Emilio és Tina

Tünde Kiszel Hungarian Media Personality, Presenter, Journalist, Producer, and Model (Source: Dear My Family)

“I already had thousands of photos at the time and countless photos were taken with Donatella. We were just looking at them with my girlfriend when she said I could even make a calendar to get out of her, that’s all my cool shots. At his encouragement, the first calendar was drawn up, which for the first time was presented mainly to family and friends. In the end, the calendar became a lot more than I thought. The feedback was very positive, the media picked it up and it became a tradition. Year after year, a lot of people look forward to the kind of calendar I makeSaid Tond Kessel, from my dear family Already making calendar plans for next year.

Emilio és Tina

Tiszde Kiszel also took pictures with Sylvester Stallone (Source: Dear Family)