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“It’s never too late to change our lifestyle!” Conversation with dr. Dora Pozzo

Pharmacist Dr Dóra Bozó represents a healthy lifestyle on several platforms. He calls attention to the importance of proper nutrition on his website. As she says, the recovery of our immune system, which depends on maternal nutrition, begins in childhood. We talked to him about related topics and how to prevent trouble.

Dr. Dóra Bozó He’s been striving for a healthy lifestyle since he was a kid – in addition to eating, he also puts great emphasis on sports. In the fourth round of gastronomic bidding entitled Van baknettonk, announced by Békéscsabai Médiacentrum Kft. He also said that he paid special attention to sweetening the cake with smallholder honey. He added that home-cooked food is healthier than store-bought end products, so he believes it is important to cook and bake as much as possible at home. In addition to following a healthy diet, we also spoke with the young pharmacist about prevention.

Maintaining good health is also linked to your profession. He also runs a separate website that focuses on physical health. What advice would you give to those who want to be healthier and ready to do so?

He was always drawn to healthcare to help others. My undergraduate degree is a pharmacist, but over the years I felt more and more that it was worth focusing more on prevention, that is, prevention than people think. We tend to only act when there is really a lot of trouble. This is the case with our health. If some disease strikes his head, then we take the right medicine for him, hoping for a cure, but wouldn’t it be easier to do everything to avoid trouble?

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“It could also be that someone does not know what to do because they are genetically predisposed to developing a disease.”

Of course, the development of our health is affected by many things, including factors that we cannot change, such as the genetic factors mentioned, but there are also factors that can reduce the risk of certain diseases, such as our lifestyle: how do we exercise enough, how we eat, What if we smoke and what are our environmental impacts.

– At what stage of life is it worth paying attention to nutrition, exercise and these factors?

“It is not too late to change our lifestyle, but the sooner we pay attention to consciousness, the better. What we have organized remembers everything. Also, how we lived, how we ate in our teens, how we nourished in our childhood, moreover, even during our fetal existence. Our health begins to change through our mothers’ diet, lifestyle and environmental impacts.

So not only at a certain stage in life, but you can say that it is worth taking care of ourselves as soon as possible. I know your personal experience will also help you in helping your parents find their way.

– Yeah. The birth of my little girl and the beginning of her feeding have opened new gates in my life, I have been training myself more and through Papada – Nutrition from the Basics page I try to help new parents, navigate the mazes of nutrition and healthy eating. Today, I believe that more and more people are aware of the basics of healthy eating, know and use healthy ingredients in the kitchen, and limit the consumption of sugar, salt and processed foods, yet there are a lot of questions for people about each of their ingredients, kitchen technology, diet connection. In vain do we eat healthy foods, if we do not properly prepare food from them, then I am thinking here, for example, of the harmful effects of frying with high fat, or if our diet is not varied and balanced, then we must count with nutrient deficiencies. A nutritional recommendation called the Smart Plate tries to help with all of this.

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What do you keep or monitor in your home regarding food consumption?

– As mentioned earlier, I care to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, preferably local, seasonal fruits every day, eat whole grains, dairy products of the right quality and quantity, fish, meat, eggs and of course liquids (water). Our diet contains fats, and I mostly use vegetable oils rich in so-called unsaturated fatty acids when cooking, as they have a number of positive health effects. The use of salt and sugar at home is restricted but not prohibited. With awareness and moderation, they can be part of a healthy diet.