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It’s so amazing what has been revealed about the relationship between Gaby Toth and Gabor Crosses

They are playful, loose and amazingly in love with each other – Gábor Krausz and Gaby Tooth They met 4 years ago, saying big yes in 2019, which in their case still lasts a lifetime, and their little daughter, Hanarusa, was born in the same year.

And while they seem to love each other, Gabi is the latest In your blog post He betrayed that the star chef, with some of his habits, was sometimes really able to drive him crazy. Wait, but Gabor is the most offensive one, presumably on an extreme level.

“I can’t hold my anger either. Gabor knows. He’s the most offensive of us. Just tell me what’s wrong when you get past him, and then it turns out I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Joy is not seen in him, and he’s at least very annoying. It’s the champagne kind.” that breaks inside

Gabi said in the post.

But it bothers her at least as much when her husband has so conspicuously disappeared, at least in spirit, and is completely out of her reach.

‘When I look at Kraus and see the curly locks twisted, I know now that somewhere in the deepest heap of the chest is crumbling, and with nothing in the sky I can blow it from there. Yet in my eyes I see that there is no one there. I climb a wall of that “.

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