Our attacker says we have the experience and quality to do this in Individual.

One of the biggest questions of the summer was whether Tokmac Nguen, who has been promoting Ferencváros since 2019, will still be our 33-time champion and 24-time cup winner on our men’s soccer team. In the end, the attacker, resisting the temptations of aliens, decided to stay. But at the moment, Stanislav Cherchesov could not count on him more seriously at the training camp in Bad Radkersberg, where we are preparing for June 5-15, when Toki is still doing rehabilitation work.

I’m doing something, I’m getting better. Unfortunately, at the end of last season, I ran into a problem that was baffling while playing. It’s not an injury, I’d rather say it’s tough, so I had to miss several matches, including the Hungarian Cup final. I was so sorry, I longed to get into the stadium, it was a huge match, so many people came to support us. But in the end, we won and we celebrated a lot, and that was really important. And this summer is the time for me to fully recoverAt training camp, Tokmac said.

Our striker is happy that he has finally decided to continue the Vradippan attack.

It is normal for a player to have an interest in him if his contract is about to expire. I’ve had excellent communication with the club for years, and it’s no different now. It took me enough time to make the right decision, which is to stay in my career and also my life and my family. So I’m here because I want to be here. I think we will have more experiences with Ferencvaros The Norway national team player was added for one time, which also outlined his future goals. – My goal is to perform better than before and achieve success in the International Cup. It’s time to move on, we already have the experience and the players to do that. I want with solo more than to get involved in a group.