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I’ve been really catching yarn recently – Kleinhill

With his performance, he wants to thank Marco Rossi for the confidence of Osijek midfielder Laszlo Kleinheisler, whose more mature and calmer football is coupled with bombs.

László Kleinheisler recently excelled in the national team and his club (Photo: NK Osijek)


He has been very active in recent weeks, scoring three goals in his previous four tournaments and scoring in the national team. What makes an explosive shape?
– You’ve really been catching yarn lately – He answered our paper László Kleinheisler, The 27-year-old Osijek midfielder and the Hungarian national team. There is no special secret, all due to the training work and the fact that injuries have been avoided for some time. I am happy that the work invested during the week has paid off in betting matches as well, and I am confident that I will keep the level going.

1 Million estimated market cap at
4 Laszlo Kleinheisler has scored in the current league season
32 He scored three goals in the match for his country

Is there an extra day for the bombs? Just because he’s gained more recently …
“I thought if you had a goal then let it be in memory … Regardless of the joke, I am happy with the ball crossing the goal line as with a long-range bomb, the goal is to win.” Anyway, I’m really more focused on finishing touches, paying more attention to how I kick the ball, where I put it. In the past, when I got to a firing position, I seized the opportunity or made sure there was enough power in the shot, but the sight was wrong. This has changed now as I work with a separate coach, and that helps a lot as well.

What help are you getting?
– We analyze my game after every match. No matter how crowded the schedule is, I always spend time on it. I want to improve from week to week, so after each meeting we discuss the positives and also what I missed because I can learn from it more. This is the only way to improve my performance.

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“Can we say he’s living the best time of his career?”
“I don’t usually think like that. It’s just that I can get more out of myself.” I’m sure I’m not at my peak yet, and I want to score more goals and provide more assists.

Osijek midfielder wants to thank Marco Rossi for his confidence (Image: Miklos Szabo)

In addition to his personal performance, there can be no complaints about Osijek’s performance, as the second-placed team is two points behind champion Dynamo Zagreb, who plays one lesser champion, and on April 22, he will secure the defending champion at home. . Will it be the match of the year?
– The next three matches are equally important, they can really decide the league title. We’ll be playing this weekend at Hajduk Split, followed by the domestic league against Dynamo and then the first leg against Rijeka. Thanks to our looks, we can look forward to these matches with enough confidence, I feel we deserve the championship title, but we have to prove it on the field.

– If we look at the last thirteen champions, they only defeated once in the first leg against Dinamo Zagreb. Why did the team meet so often?
– Nenad Bjelica works with us as an excellent professional who is able to effectively communicate his professional ideas to the team. Everyone knows what their job is in the field, and there’s also a great community in the dressing room. We keep harassing each other before and after training, we talk a lot, and the atmosphere is familiar. We recently adopted good players that have been quickly integrated, and it is true that I think it will only be possible on the international stage to see how strong Osijek is today. I’m really looking forward to playing in the Europa League or UEFA Champions League qualifiers this summer, and I’d be especially happy to be able to measure what we’re capable of against a strong opponent.

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What does the league title mean for the club?
It would be something historical for sure. We can be satisfied with the current arrangement as well, and the management is not expected of the management title either, but if we are really close to it, we will try our best to get the gold medal. In the next three meetings, we have to fight hard to dream, but we stand before us.

In addition to his team, he played well for the national team, scoring in the first leg against Andorra, and was praised by many for his calm performance.
– I was happy to be back in the team, I missed a lot. I wanted to meet my team-mates again because I last entered the field before the current World Championship qualifying series, marking the away defeat to Croatia. I also got excited before meeting against the Poles, but some time passed, but once I got off the field, the tension disappeared, and I no longer felt fear or suspicion. We can also be satisfied with the seven points scored in the three matches, but we know that the match against San Marino and Andorra was in the mandatory win category. Luckily, judging by the reviews, I didn’t disappoint with my game either.

Let’s go back to the game against Croatia, because he got a red card during three zero-defeats, which put his teammates in a somewhat difficult position at the time. Did you digest yourself because of what happened?
“I’m so sorry for what happened next. I did stupid things.” By that time, my opponent had already driven to three zeros, and my mistake didn’t affect the outcome of the match, but after my first yellow card, I should have been more disciplined. Unfortunately, I can’t change that anymore, all I can do is prove through my game that I’ve gained the confidence I have.

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– In the three matches in March, he seemed to play football not only more quietly, but also smarter: he took part in seemingly unnecessary fast races, and moved more consciously on the field.
“I’m glad he looked that way from the outside in regards to his composure, unfortunately it happened earlier that when I got kicked, I immediately ran to the referee, and I complained a lot more than I needed to. Now, I got calmer when they got a hold on me, me I go in the opposite direction instead of where the referee is standing. I must improve because if my opponent knows what I am, he can easily provoke and shock me. As far as the game is concerned, it would be in my best interest if I set my strengths better, I will not help my comrades either by attacking Someone is needlessly in a sprint, and the opponent will start in the area that opens my place.

“What does the goal against Andorra mean for your soul?”
– a lot, after all, I long ago registered the coat of arms. During training we often practice bouncing the ball on dám Szalai again, reaching the second wave or lowering it further, and starting from the back. I’m happy that I also managed the match, but most importantly, I won. I am confident that these three meetings will provide the momentum needed to continue. The next betting match will be in the European Championship, and I don’t even dare to think how strong the teams that lie ahead, but we’ll do our best to get off the field with a head high.

1. HNL
Round 29
Hajduk Split – NK Osijek – Live on a UFO!

Leading group: 1- Dynamo Zagreb 64 points (27 meters), 2. Osijek 62 (28 meters), 3. Gorica 49 (28 meters).