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James Franco pays 650 million to his troubled students

Outside of the lawsuit, the actor agreed with his accusers.

Outside of the lawsuit, the actor agreed with his accusers.

BBC News reported that James Franco went on to pay $2.2 million to settle a lawsuit accusing him of sexual misconduct.

The actor and director was started by two students from his acting school called Studio 4, Sarah Tether Kaplan And the Tony Gal accuse him His behavior towards his sexually charged students..

The Taliban filed lawsuits in October 2019 in Los Angeles.

Franco’s lawyer had previously described the allegations as false and defamatory.

Prosecutors also accused the star of abusing his position and promised the students that they could play a role in his films. The students claimed that they were victims of fraud because they paid for the acting school while being subjected to sexual objection and intimidation.

American actor and director pays big sum to settle lawsuit © AFP

Out of court settlement Franco Among the applicants had already been born in February, according to previous reports, but Its details have just been announced.

The settlement will be brought to court soon and the judge will decide if it is admissible. If the judge agrees, Tither-Kaplan will receive $670,500 (HUF 199 million), of which $223,500 (HUF 66 million) is for attorneys’ fees. Gal will receive $223,500 (HUF 66 million), of which $74,500 (HUF 22 million) is for attorneys’ fees. An additional $1.34 million ($397 million) will be shared among the other students involved in the case, minus attorney fees.

If the court accepts the agreement, the parties will issue a statement in which Franco continues to deny the charges against him, but states that “The plaintiffs have raised important issues and all sides firmly believe that the time has come to address the abuse of working women in Hollywood.”

Studio 4 School of Acting opened in 2014 and closed three years later.

James Francotte He was nominated for an Academy Award in 2011 for his role in the film 127 Hours directed by Danny Boyle.

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