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Janos Ader withdrew the citizenship of a loved one

The decision of the President of the Republic affects four people. They are no longer Hungarian citizens.

fresh Hungarian newspaper to me Janus Ader This time citizenship was revoked from four people. Decisions made by the President of the Republic in early July Giorgi JuliasPrime Minister on the proposals of the Prime Minister.

The name and place of birth of the persons concerned was mentioned in the prospectus. The identity reveals that three of the four people are members of a family in Uzhhorod (one of whom is a 15-year-old girl). Their fourth partner was born in the former Soviet Union.

For both of them a paragraphIndicate their nationality infringement, obtained by revealing incorrect data, concealing data and facts, that is, abusing the possibility of preferential and simplified localization.

Paragraph in the text as justification.

Hungarian citizenship may be withdrawn from a person who obtained Hungarian citizenship in violation of the law, in particular by misrepresentation of false information or concealment of information or facts.

In accordance with the Basic Law, matters relating to the acquisition and termination of citizenship are decided by the head of state. Hungarian citizenship can only be withdrawn within 20 years of its acquisition. Citizenship expires from the date of publication of the decision.

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