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Janos Galvolge scolds Geza Hovey, who has been slowly dying for 20 years

Janos Galvulgi, the star of the previous week, didn’t speak very kindly about Geza Hovey, who died slowly 20 years ago. Since Hovey could no longer stand up for himself, he could not refute anything, so Gálvölgyi could calmly reflect on how indecisive the humorist was with him.

Gálvölgyi said that they lived close to each other with the comedian, had a good relationship, and then met every other day at the beginning of their friendship. The first break in their relationship came when Huffy did not receive him regularly. Hovey soon gained fame, Galvolge wrote that he couldn’t handle her in his place Hints. Let us add that Gálvölgyi, according to them (more precisely, according to himself) coped well with his reputation.

Giza Hoofy passed away in 2002Source: Fortepan / Zoltan Szalay

For some time he became classmates in the Madash Theater. Galvolge regularly watched Hove’s show in the evenings, but he did not receive it with good reputation; He assumed from his former colleague and friend that he wanted to steal from him – at least, says Galvolge. The last time they came close to them was when Huffy first fell ill: Galvolge said he was not grateful to have visited him, but that Huffy no longer befriended him after that.

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