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Janos Lazar criticized Kásler’s work on the delivery of the CT machine آلة

A parliamentary representative from the region handed over a new CT machine at the hospital in Mako, writes promená, who maintains a friendly relationship with an actor. Janos Lazar initially thanked health care workers for their work, then praised himself:

Since becoming a Member of Parliament, he has since considered “the development and regulation of health care among his most important tasks”.

“My belief is that health is for everyone, no matter how much money they have and what social class they belong to,” the former prime minister said. Then he criticized the government’s health policy, as he told Lazarus

“The goal of the state and the economy is to reduce the number of annual deaths from lung tumors from 125 to 130 thousand, despite serious efforts and programs so far to have more children.”

He stated that it would just be a technical and organizational matter to launch a comprehensive nationwide cancer screening program to detect the three most common diseases (lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer). he said that

Its proponent, the professionally organized examination at the state level, is somehow rewarded or punished by tuberculosis, but unfortunately the state does not yet support this.

Standing next to Mako’s new CT machine, he even noted that he still plans long-term in politics.

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