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Janus Kolka and Zsolt Nagy can’t believe anyone

It will be released in cinemas in the fall the game Hungarian film titled Ten Years Ago, the exam It is also a continuation of the erotic spy thriller. A movie set in the sixties Gabriella HammouriAnd Zolt NagyAnd stop victoria And Peter Shearer But, according to the description, they played an equal role in bringing the story to life Janus Kolka He is. (the exam By the way, it’s currently on Netflix, but the creators say you don’t need to know it to enjoy this movie either).

The story of the movie is as follows:

1963, Budapest. The life of a state security officer, Andras Jung (Zsolt Nagy), is perfect: he lives happily with his wife Eva (Gabriella Hámori), and the only thing holding back her promotion is her fellow rival, Kulcsár (Péter Scherer). When the legendary spy, Bal Marco (Janus Kolka), comes out of the past regarding an unfinished business, the turn turns and a ruthless duel begins, where no one and nothing is as it seems, and a single human gesture can. your life.

the game Scenario the examsimilarly Norbert Copley Film writers and director Peter Vaskas. The film will be shown on October 14 in Hungarian cinemas.

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