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Janus Prodi underwent surgery for a malignant tumor

Janos Brody spoke in an interview about the presence of the so-called basal cell carcinoma, a malignant skin tumor. The musician will be playing for the seventh time in a short time.

Celebrating his 76th birthday, the songwriter and singer surprised his friends by recording his own compositions. Brody first spoke about his illness in a Friday gift – Writing Infostart.

In February, Janos Brody posted a disturbing photo of himself on his page in the community: Half of his face was tied up and he was lying in the hospital. His concerts also had to be canceled, and he could not go to the performance of Zsuzsa Koncz.

So far, the musician has not said anything about the reasons, although later he posted another photo in which he said, “I’m going.”

Szabolcs Szörényi, János Bródy, Levente SzörényiSource: MTI / Tibor Illyés

However, at a birthday party on Friday, the musician had already revealed that he had so-called basal cell carcinoma.

It is a malignant dermatofibroma that, although not malignant, can be invasive (invading areas other than its original site).

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