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Jason Momoa almost brought back the reporter who interrogated him

The Aquaman star did not like the question asked by the journalist.

The Aquaman star did not like the question asked by the journalist.

A New York Times journalist brought 42-year-old Jason Momoa back in his grotesque style after asking about his previous role in Battle of Thrones, Khal Drogo’s questionable morals. The journalist wondered if he would still play a character who raped women or regretted confessing to her.

Jason Momoa says it is very uncomfortable for an actor to have to answer such questions © AFP

Momoa was actually offended by the suggestion itself, saying that it was not the actor’s responsibility to judge a particular character, plus he didn’t have a chance to have a say in the flow of the story during this shoot. You can’t say you don’t play this or that scene.

– We have no opinion on such matters. There are also producers, screenwriters, and directors among the staff, so it’s not an option for you to simply say you don’t do this or that, as the scene in question is not kosher or doesn’t fit into the current political climate. This has never happened before. Which is why I think the question itself is disgusting. I wanted to know that – Quoting the star’s response as IGN the side.

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