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Jennifer Aniston has left a good few people out of her life because of the coronavirus vaccine

The actress is not going to give up on a few things when it comes to her health. Such is the case with the coronavirus vaccine.

Jennifer Aniston He told InStyle magazine in the US that he recently had to cut off contact with several people because these acquaintances were not ready to vaccinate themselves against the coronavirus – Writes A people.

There is still a large group of people who are against vaccination or simply do not listen to the facts. This is the real shame

The 52-year-old Golden Globe-winning actress said in the newspaper’s September cover interview.

“I just lost some people from my weekly routine who refused [az oltást] or not detected [hogy beoltották-e őket]Which is unfortunate,” Aniston said, then continued, “I feel it is your moral and professional duty to inform you, because not all of us are tolerant, and we are not checked every day.

It’s difficult because everyone has a right to their own opinion – but in many opinions, I don’t feel it is based on anything other than mere fear or propaganda.”

Defending disease control measures

Aniston has been a volunteer advocate for social distancing and other precautions since the pandemic began in March 2020. Last June, for example, his 37.7 million followers were asked to wear a mask, People recalls. “This simple but effective recommendation is politicized at the expense of people’s lives. This shouldn’t really be controversial,” he wrote on Instagram at the time.

a good friends A month later, the star continued to urge the use of face masks when he revealed to one of his friends Kevin He was taken to the hospital because he contracted the coronavirus. “Think of those who have already suffered from this terrible virus,” reads the caption in the post below the image of the man strapped to the machines. “Do it for your family. And most of all for yourself. Covid affects all ages,” he continues.

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The actress also explained the spread of the epidemic and the lack of social distance Good Friends: Together Again I fell back for several months.

“Unfortunately, we were so sad that we had to move again,” Aniston told Deadline a year ago.

The question was, “How do we do that with a live audience?” This is not a safe time. Goal. This is the point. The timing is not safe.

a special edition – which was recently nominated for an Emmy – was finally seen by fans for the first time in the spring.