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Jennifer Lopez jewelry Ben Affleck confession

No more questions: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck declare their love with a passionate kiss

In recent days, half the world has stared wide as two stars vacationing in Europe romanticize the Mediterranean. Well, of course also that he was recently celebrating his 52nd birthday Jennifer Lopez presents a bikini show. Now, however, Ben Affleck is back home in the States, but the singer and actress is still staying a little longer.

Now her yacht is docked in Portofino, Italy, she has been shopping a bit and, like an ancient goddess in a white dress, is back at sea.

The whole thing wouldn’t have been so exciting unless the savvy paparazzi could capture the jewelry hanging around Jennifer Lopez’s neck really well. Well, do we need a more honest and straightforward confession!? barely!

At first, teens in love tend to have a lot of faith in their partner and the immortality of their relationship, but of course, we wish JLo more than he kept that faith!

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