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Jennifer Lopez literally killed her ex-fiancé!

It’s time to leave no trace of your old relationship on your social side.

News broke in the spring that Jennifer Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez had broken off their engagement after two years. The couple’s relationship seemed perfect from the outside world’s point of view, but the former baseball player was involved in an exchange of cheating rumors many times, and presumably, Jennifer also began to suspect, and this flying news may not have been without foundation.

Thus Alex lost the singer’s trust, leading him into the arms of his old love, who was none other than his other ex-groom, Ben Affleck. The couple’s relationship became so serious within a few months that Lopez left Florida with her children and is now looking for a joint home with Ben in California. It might be too soon to envision another engagement, but Jennifer sure has shut down the past. And what better proof of that than literally wiping Alex out of his life. Glamor spotted the disappearance of Alexel’s shared photos from Lopez’s Instagram, and even followed his ex-partner.

The former Yankees baseball player first met 6-year-old J. Horse in 2005, however, the crust broke out between them only years later, and they formed a pair from 2017 onwards.

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