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Jenő Rácz’s wife is like stepping out of a fashion magazine: Instan’s lovable Dory clothes – a Hungarian star

when Dóra Gyuricza She entered the 2019 season of the chef in the hope that she would win the main prize of the program with her culinary talent, she could not even guess, she would find something more valuable: here she met her future husband. Jenny Focus He recounted it on several shows when, after one tour, he hugged the beautiful girl, and felt a special buckle connecting them.

After the contestant withdrew from the gastronomic competition, the chef had the opportunity to invite him on a date, at which point it became clear how much they would fit together. A period of acquaintance followed the transition, and then in 2020, the winning doubles also proved that their love can withstand all obstacles. This year the girl was also ordered, and in August 2021 she finally stood before the altar.

The feminine style of Jenny Rush’s wife

Meanwhile, Dóra Gyuricza has been constantly building her career in social media. He launched his own YouTube channel and has also put together a growing following camp on Instagram. Now, 118,000 people are curious about her posts, where they can enjoy trips with her husband and other great groups.

Even star wife photos would take their place in a fashion magazine, not only did Dóra Gyuricza really understand what to pair with her for a trendy overall effect, but she’s a supermodel. No wonder it’s stressful in every group, thanks to mindful eating and constant exercise, she lost so much from her wedding party and has been carrying the weight ever since. Her new shots show that she feels better about her skin than ever before.

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In our collection you can see pictures of Dóra Gyuricza from Instagram that fit into a fashion magazine.