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Jim Carrey will continue filming Ace Ventura on one condition

Jim Carrey would be curious about the brilliant director’s idea.

although sonic the hedgehog 2 Only at Jim Carrey’s premiere Swinging at the idea of ​​retiring from acting As for his fans, we can’t yet be sure of this setback on his part. Carrie Ho E! He did another interview with News, where the speech covered, among other things, why the actor is making so few sequels — after all, Sonic is only the third franchise after Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber to return to his original role.

Carrie said:

“I think after so many years, unless someone brilliant or a director or an author comes up with a whole new approach (I won’t deal with it until then). If Chris Nolan comes up here and says, ‘I want to make Ace Ventura real, I want to make something more exciting’ Interesting, I might listen to it. But you know, after a while, there won’t be any cell left in your body from the same person, so in the end you can just imitate what you used to do, and the original inspiration won’t be there.”

This is an interesting scene from Carrey, whose current statement also aligns with his remarks about his retirement. The actor appears to have taken off the veil of his acting cult, or at least reflects more realistically on himself and his acting career than many of his other co-stars. It’s a little sad that he won’t feel qualified to play another adventure in Ventura. In vain, everyone grows up with Carrie.

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Anyway, what would you say if the third investigation into Christopher Nolan was completed?

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