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Jimmy’s mom can’t stand

Requires extra attention and care in heat waves european zambo His mother being cared for at home after sustaining a broken femoral neck.

He’s a heart patient, has been living with a pacemaker for years, and we brought him home from the hospital a few weeks ago. My mom is 95 years old, and she tolerates heat better than a teenager, but thank God in a great apartment it is going well – Árpy . reported Bursnak.

Orbi is worried about the sick mother (Photo: Orbi Zambo)

The older age group is advised to take a short healthy walk in the early morning or late afternoon, but Aunt Anna cannot leave the apartment until then.

The truth is, he couldn’t even get out. After a femoral neck fracture, he got a hip prosthesis and can still stand on his feet with only help. Her doctor said she would have to put pressure on her hips from time to time so that she could walk on her own as quickly as possible.

Árpy sees Aunt Anna having a hard time restraining her to the bed.

“My mother took care of herself in the world, so it is very embarrassing now that she needs help with almost everything, which is why she is often so angry with herself. She lives in a family home with my sister and brother who are constantly watching over her. He asks the company if he does not have a conversation partner Now, he immediately asks: “Did you forget? I’m still alive!” says Árpy, laughing, confident of a full recovery, because his mother is a real “warrior.”

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