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Jirjeli Caraxoni: Of the 992 vaccinated, only 11 had no antibodies in nursing homes

Mayor Facebook share According to him, 2,877 employees and 1,588 employees of nursing homes in the capital received the vaccination, while 1,172 employees and 427 employees received the vaccination in caring for the homeless. Among them, 992 people who received the two vaccinations were randomly selected.

The chart shared below shows their results.

A total of 1 percent, or 11 cases, did not have a detectable antibody,

Which, according to the current state of science, does not mean that they are unprotected, only the antibody in their blood has not exceeded the limit of 50 units / ml.

Jirjili-Caraxoni points out that the aim of the study is to find out whether herd immunity has developed in institutions highly vulnerable to the epidemic. He added that the vulnerable people still need to be monitored, but they are so few that the epidemic can no longer develop, so both inmates and workers are safe.

The publication concludes that “protecting people remains the most important thing for us”. This requires tests rather than aerial charts with weather data.

Last week we reported that we were checking residents and employees of the most vulnerable institutions in the capital to see if there was … Christmas GirgeliTuesday 27 April 2021

Opening image: MTI / Márton Mónus

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