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Joe Biden: We were embarrassed 24 hours ago

Joe Biden our president Emmanuel Macron He said it frankly when the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia signed a joint security agreement – the Aukus agreement cost France thirty-seven billion euros. Not only did Biden put it nicely on the issue, but Macron said what happened: It was important to look to the future.

Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron met at the French Embassy in the Vatican as part of a series of talks during which Biden met with several heads of great powers ahead of this weekend’s G-20 meeting and next week’s United Nations climate summit.

What we did was clumsy. I thought France had informed long before the agreement

Happy Biden.

Aukus is Australia’s largest defense alliance in decades and, among other things, allows the country to build nuclear-powered submarines. The agreement sparked serious controversy with the French, who were to build a dozen submarines for the Australians under an agreement signed in 2016, an agreement drilled under the Oaks Accord, which the French foreign minister described as a stabbing in the back, and for a while. Even the ambassadors of countries and Australia.

At their current meeting, the French and the Americans seemed to have settled their relations. In addition, the themes of climate change and counter-terrorism were addressed. It was the first of Biden’s many meetings with the Pope, in which the president praised Pope Francis’ work on climate change and the pandemic, and thanked the Pope for raising his voice in protecting the suffering, the hungry and the persecuted. Then Biden also met the Italian president and prime minister.

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BBC Hey MentionsedAt the United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow on the climate crisis, the eyes of the world will be revealed on the promises made by high-emitting countries such as the United States or China, and whether poorer countries will be given the opportunity to achieve climate goals. . Help needed.