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Joe Biden’s presidency shaken: Trump could win the 2024 presidential election

Barely 9 months after Joe Biden’s inauguration, they were happy with his presidency Rate It has melted to 38 percent, according to a CNN survey. Perhaps most importantly, it’s down to 32 percent among “non-party voters,” and the outcome of next year’s congressional elections will largely depend on this group.

Survey last October (Rasmussen reports) it giftsOnly 33 percent of Americans believe that the United States has a better future ahead of them. The Daily Cos Civix study close to the Democratic Party gifts: 57 percent of voters say the Biden government has done nothing to improve their personal lives.

No wonder then that British bookmakers are already there They have receivedThat Donald Trump in 2024 will defeat Bident. But what are the main reasons that led to this seizure?

Former US President Donald Trump on the Save America From its Government campaign tour at Iowa Station in October 2021. And is there a sign in front of him that says the President of the United States…? Photo: EPA/Steve Pope


When he took office, Biden promised that America would get rid of the epidemic with the help of vaccines. As early as July 4, she announced that the United States would return to normal life after the pandemic. In comparison, the number of new infections is still very high, which is why on September 9, government officials and employees of companies with more than 100 employees announced mandatory vaccination. This deepened the trenches in society.

Moreover, this is the case of firefighters police officers And health professionals It led to the removal of those who did not want to be vaccinated. Who is this Grand

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