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Joe Bident was embarrassed by guests at a party at the White House

Former Democratic President Barack Obama visited the White House for the first time since 2017. They held a joint health event with Joe Biden, where Barack Obama stormed the people, and no one was curious about the incumbent afterward. Biden stands awkward because people are literally flocking to him.

Barack Obama visited the White House yesterday for the first time since his presidency in 2017.

Former Barack Obama and current Democratic President Joe Biden.Source: dpa Picture-Alliance / AFP / Olivier Douliery

Joe Biden held a joint health event to promote the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, and then discussed ways to make health care affordable.

There were several embarrassing videos of the incident where Biden appeared very confused and embarrassed standing in the room alone, while people were more preoccupied with Obama. The footage shows Biden awkwardly walking around the room as everyone wants to talk to the first African American president, completely ignoring the incumbent.Joe Bident was literally overtaken by people and no one was willing to talk to him at the event.

After a short moment, Biden paused, turned around to see how busy Obama was, then turned around and urged Home Secretary Deb Haaland to join him on stage. The woman does, and they both go back to Obama, who seems to say he’s going to them later. Biden and Halland return to their seats and welcome the other guests.

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