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Joseph Szarvas was sent home from the house with a clothes bag, and has been starving for years

József Szarvas hails from a farming family and has gone from being a supporting country actor to receiving the Kossuth Award this year.

“There was no one near or far in my family tree who would love the poems. In fact, when I was appointed as a supporting actor in Debrecen, my father took me out of the house with a bag of clothes and I couldn’t.” The actor said from the start of his career: “I don’t go home for a while. Two years “.

József Szarvas Kossuth and award-winning Hungarian actor Mari Jászai, Worthy and Excellent Artist, Honorary Citizen of Vas Province, 11/8/2020.Photo: Sándor Csudai – Origo

He moved to subletting, but in theater he did not receive the salary he had previously worked as a skilled slaughterhouse worker. “The gas appliance was two thousand forint, of which I had two hundred forint to live in, and two hundred forint. I had to go to books, because I saw that everyone in the company was reading and I felt that this was important,” he said.

He’s been in financial trouble for years. “In the last week of every month, I had to go back to isolation in the theater because I ran out of money for a penny. That’s when I bought a pound of apples and just read. I had to starve to chew on the masterpieces of literature and eventually became what I am today.” Read more at Ripost today.

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