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Joy-Cons are finally supported by Steam

We had to wait a long time, but we can finally use the Nintendo Switch consoles for our Steam games. With the latest update, Joy-Cons have received official support.

Diligent Valve developers are constantly working in the background to make everyone’s favorite PC gaming client as fluid and fluid as possible, but they haven’t been quick to support Joy-Con. While Steam handles consoles for PlayStation and Xbox consoles very well, and we’ve been able to use the Switch Pro Controller with our PC games for over four years now, we’ve only been able to get hold of traditional consoles for a Nintendo console To work with a little deception.

Fortunately, the latest update to the Steam client changes that, as the patch brings with it official support for the official Joy-Conon. The mini controllers can be used individually (usually a big plus for split-screen party games, for example), but of course they can also be used in pairs, just like on a traditional Nintendo Switch.

By the way, just last month, Valve discontinued support for the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive consoles, the latest update of which brought new compatibility updates.

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