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Judgment Test (Next Generation) – PS5 / Xbox Series X test.

RGG Studio has also released Judgment for the next generation of consoles, a side-thread of the Yakuza series, which could also be a glimpse into the future of the team’s work.

Hir deté s

In the streets of Kamorocho

Three years ago, the Yakuza series bombed so much around the world that the developer, slowly becoming legendary Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio And the Sega It can afford the cost of making a complete side thread. In Japan in 2018, and half a year later in other markets, then even PS4 exclusive Rule He has worked with the new protagonist and the base lineup. Instead of underworld criminals, we can hide in the skin of the detective who solved murders and other cases in the well-known red light district of Tokyo. Kamorosho Bright neon nights.

Like the “big” series, the game was a critical and financial success, no coincidence: the tried and tested semi-open combat action game was rolled out by investigators and other smaller game mechanics who smuggled the new color and flavor into the game. RGG popular games. For those who want to know all the details about the original version, I recommend it Our test for 2019. There’s a simple reason why we created this title: The game is also ready for new generation platforms (Xbox Series X | S, PS5, Stadia), so it’s definitely worth saying a few words about it.

So Judgment is in the same place as most of the episodes of Yakuza, but in a completely modern setting (2018), which has some interesting developments for fans of the series – it’s worth seeing, for example, how it became famous – the infamous area evolves. the hero of the story Takayuki YagamiA former attorney is now searching for his bread as a private investigator over a tragic past case. However, when the corpses of the eyes begin to appear in the neon-lit streets, Yagami becomes involved in a complex relationship whose strings lead to the highest circles, and he and his friends are at risk of death. From the Jacuzzi connections through the police and the prosecution, several sets flow into the events, during which 35-40 good hours, relatively slow but more exciting, I think the story of the show is born.

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Xbox Series X rule

I don’t want to go into details about the game’s systems, as the next-generation version is no different from the original in this regard, and Grath has already brought it out. In short, like the other games in the studio, we are dealing with a somewhat open world, real-time combat fighting game. We operate in the small area of ​​Kamurocho, but it is developed with precision and is incredibly diverse (specifically not only here, but this is the main site), in addition to the main campaign missions, you can also unlock side quests and make friends with a large number of people. Few of the city population. The latter boosts Yagami’s reputation, unlocking new cases etc. Of course you can also spend your free time, there is a casino, darts and of course a Sega game room with titles like Space Harrier and Fantasy Zone, but you can even find Virtua Fighter 5 in one of the corners. If it’s just a simple Yakuza faucet, it will indeed be worth the price, but fortunately, there’s one more thing at Judgment Shop.

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