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Judith Onyutha and her rarely seen partner: Zuli and I lost 40 kilos in total – the Hungarian star

Oneuta Judit It is by luck that he became known nationally in the world of meteorology in the late 1990s. He worked in Malév as a flight attendant when the TV2 staff one day made a report on the airline, when they noticed the beautiful flight attendant.

He was an employee of the channel until 2009, and from the fall of 2015 we were able to find out how much time was expected of him on ATV, he left here in 2017. Five years ago, he decided to leave light competition, settled in his native profession, working as a foreign language teacher in an elementary school.

Judit Onyotta and partner Zoltan

In the fall, we were able to see more on screen and on magazine covers again due to the incredible weight loss: Lose 15 pounds in half a year. His partner Zuli also played a big role in the huge transformation. She had been living with a man who had been a chef for years and wanted to get her back in shape when they were introduced.

“I always knew what kind of woman Zuli really liked, and I knew what I looked like when we fell in love.” However, it never made me talk about giving it up, and even bothered if I asked if I was fat. However, it motivates me to look at him again and look at me like I used to. Story Magazine.

Thanks to a scientific formula, he waved goodbye to his overeating without starving. The fact that she was getting skinny day by day also inspired her sweetheart, so she started dieting as well. Together, they lost 40 pounds in total.

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– I was 113 pounds when Judith’s pounds disappeared one by one, so I felt the need to change as well. With my method, I’ve lost several clothing sizes: Now I weigh 88 pounds, so I’ve shed 25 pounds,” the man told the Weekly.

Anikó Marsi and partner

The deterioration of the relationship between Anikó Marsi and László Palik surprised many in June. Since then, both have found a new pair. The heart of the chronicler was robbed by Andrea Szulák exe, but this was only confirmed in August.