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Juggler: My Hungarian bronze medal on the first day of the Tbilisi Grand Slam tournament

In five weight classes, five countries won gold medals on the first day of the Tbilisi Juggler Grand Slam.

Immediately, Timur Nozadze, the first male favorite, reached the neck of the 60-pound man. Most recently, the Georgian judo player, who is late to the Tel Aviv match, competed confidently throughout the match, reaching the point ahead of Uzbek Nurilayev in a stunning shot in the final.

The medals were awarded by Anzor Chopinidze, Chief of the Georgian State Defense Service. The bronze medal was won by Azerbaijan Huseynov and Tajik Sajdpurov.

“It is a great honor and inspiration for me to be able to fight for the glory of Georgia back home. This encourages me to do the same in other tournaments,” said the class champion.

The women’s 52-pound champion was Italian Olympic silver medalist Odette Giovreda. He didn’t leave much time for Britain Giles for the finals – he was also in the air and on the Tatami.

The director of education at the International Federation, Mehmet Miriga, can hang a bronze medal around the neck of Hungarian Pekka Rica.

“I’m so happy that I realized today that I don’t have to think.” “I was instinctively manipulative,” said the Italian girl. “When you get older, you lose that ability. You think more and more, you are witty. But now I left my mind free and always found an effective method of attack. “

Two large 66 kg men’s cannons, Margilashvili from Georgia and Norilev from Uzbekistan, reached the final. The latter deftly threw his opponent from the counter, and with this move he arranged the fate of the gold medal …

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… handed him over by the president of the Georgian Sorcery Association with some bitter flair.

At 57 pounds for the ladies, Nora Jayakova from Kosovo broke another Georgia golden dream. Andrea Carman from Hungary closed in place.

The medals were awarded by the competition director of the International Federation.

Young sporting grandmother, the 48-pound world champion, Urantzitzeg, has eliminated all of her upcoming competitors. Italian Melanie was also forced to give up the final match against him after pressure. In Tbilisi, the Mughal lady did not find a winner after Tel Aviv.

He received the well-deserved gold medal from the Athletic Director of the International Federation.

The most exciting stage in the Judo Grand Slam series is the Georgian competition, where the magic games are a national sport and very popular in Tbilisi – another 9 weight class coins will be won on Saturday and Sunday, and seven more Hungarians will enter the Tatami mat in hopes of winning medals.